Oct 21 2016

VMworld 2016 Barcelona – Day 3 Summary


The third and closing day, 2016-10-20, of VMworld is a bit different compared to the first two days since it does not contain a keynote session meaning the breakout sessions starts at 09:00 AM. The other VMworld 2016 Europe daily summaries can be found here: VMworld 2016 Barcelona – Day 1 Summary VMworld 2016 Barcelona – Day 2 …

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Oct 20 2016

VMworld 2016 Barcelona – Day 2 Summary


Second day, 2016-10-19, of VMworld started way better than the day before. Not stuck in traffic meaning ready when it started 09:00 AM CET. The other VMworld 2016 Europe daily summaries can be found here: VMworld 2016 Barcelona – Day 1 Summary VMworld 2016 Barcelona – Day 3 Summary Keynote The second days keynote is usually …

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Oct 18 2016

VMworld Barcelona 2016 – Day 1 Summary


So today, 2016-10-18, was my first day at VMworld  and it started with being stuck in traffic for about 30 min so i made it to the general session about 20 seconds before it started…. I’ll structure my daily summaries, yes i’ll keep that concept as well, this year pretty much same way as last year …

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Oct 17 2016

Nutanix @ VMworld in Barcelona 2016


Today, 2016-10-17, VMworld in Barcelona which will run through 17-20 October at FIRA GRAN VIA starts. I’m on my way to Barcelona right now and i hope i will be able to join the Nutanix party tonight. For those of you who can not attend VMworld in Barcelona you can watch the general sessions here.   Nutanix …

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Oct 12 2016

Nutanix can now run Citrix XenServer

Yesterday, 2016-10-11, Nutanix announced tech preview support for the latest version of the Citrix XenServer hypervisor meaning you as a customer now have the opportunity to select among four hypervisors for your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform based environment: Nutanix AHV Citrix XenServer Microsoft Hyper-V VMware ESXi. The tech preview support will start with the new version …

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Oct 12 2016

Apply for Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) 2017


Yesterday, 2016-10-11, Nutanix opened the application for their Nutanix Technical Champion Program (NTC) for 2017. This will be the third year for this program and the NTC was actually opening the Nutanix .Next user conferance in Las Vegas in June 2016 which was pretty cool in my opinion. So if you’re a Nutanix expert that constantly …

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Oct 11 2016

Duplicate random generated data in Linux based VM


A few weeks back i create a blog post about how to create random data in a Linux (CentOS) based VM which you can read here.  Based on that post i have received a few comments and one in particular i’ll address in this blog post and it was about the time it takes to generate …

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Oct 04 2016

Nutanix AOS 4.7.2 and more updates released

A few days ago, 20160930, Nutanix released an update to their existing AOS (Acropolis Operating System), formerly known as NOS (Nutanix Operating System) meaning it is now at level 4.7.2. Even though this is a dot dot release it contains a few new features including e.g.: Ability to use either Data Services IP or Cluster IP …

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Sep 30 2016

Need a Nutanix .Next blogger pass?


I’m happy to let all of my fellow blogger friends out there that if you still haven’t registered for Nutanix .Next user conference in Vienna November 8 – 10 November, 2016 you now got a chance to win a blogger pass. Based on the successful .Next event earlier this year in Las Vegas with over 2.500 attendees i bet …

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Sep 28 2016

Nutanix Pulse


A few questions i receive from time to time when talking to customers and potential customers are: What is Pulse? What information is included in Pulse data? How to configure Pulse? How does Pulse work? Almost all of the above information can be found on the Nutanix Portal but i’ll include a short summary in …

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Sep 16 2016

Veeam gives VCDX56 readers chance to win cool prizes


I got some awesome news today. My blog sponsor, Veeam, has decided to give my blog readers from the Nordic countries an exclusive chance to win some cool prizes just by answering a few questions. Yes, you got that right, this is exclusively for my Nordic followers. This quiz won’t be available on any other website, so …

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Sep 13 2016

Disable ESXi host firewall ports using PowerCLI


One thing i do for the majority of my vSphere implementations, today and previous over the years, has been to disable ESXi firewall ports not being used. There are at least a few, not always the same though, ports that will never be used no matter what environment we are talking about. The ports actually …

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Sep 07 2016

AHV Best Practices version 2.0 released


Just wanted to let you know that Nutanix has released a new version of the AHV, formerly known as Acropolis Hypervisor, best practice guide. This document reflects the features available as of today, 20160907, and it includes the following topics: Networking VM Deployment Nutanix Guest Tools VM Data Protection Hypervisor Mobility and Conversion Virtual Machine …

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Sep 06 2016

Chance to win TurboStack Cloud Lab from turbonomic

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 20.50.59

This is something you don’t want to miss, turbonomic (a long time sponsor of my blog) gives you the chance to win a TurboStack Cloud Lab.The only things you need to do for a chance to win are using this link, watch a short video, fill in contact information (Name, email, Company), respond to 2 …

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Sep 01 2016

Create & Configure Nutanix Cluster via command line

I have received a few questions about creating and configure a Nutanix cluster via cli. Since i’m doing that pretty much one-two times per quarter when changing hypervisor in my cluster i figure i can share the commands i’m using. You can create a bash script with static parameters or with user interaction requirements but …

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Aug 26 2016

Nutanix @ VMworld in Las Vegas 2016

It’s just two days until the 2016 US based VMworld event. This year it’s held at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas August 28 – September 1. Nutanix will be at the event as an Exhibitor at booth #2311. In addition to demos of VDI, Tier-1 apps, All Flash, Acropolis Block Services there …

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